We are pleased to inform you that Danau Murni Condo is now equipped with Astro B-Yond (HD System/High Definition) centralized system.

L S Ang has been appointed as sole contractor to maintain the centralized system, and per the terms of their contract, all subscription (new and upgrade) by residents must be made through them. Other contractor will not be allowed to carry out work related to Astro.

For your convenience, application form are available at the Management Office. Please contact our sole contractor for further information:

L S Ang  Audio Visual Trading

Telephone: 03 7770 1086 (office hours)

Email: lsang_audio@yahoo.com 

(you can download the application form by right clicking and Save Image As on your computer)


The contract with LS Ang Company has been agreed by the previous JMB committees. It is a 4-year maintenance contract.

We have heard about 20% of the resident (approximate 100 households) have expressed interest for Astro B-yond service. It is not very high but definitely not low.

Will the costs be borne by only those who subscribe to Beyond?

No. The installation of the fiber optic is free from the LS Ang Company as long as the maintenance contract is signed with the management. Each user who wants to upgrade will pay RM80.

This is how they recover the cost of the fiber installation. Also, they will get subsidize from Astro per new account. FYI, the fiber installation for both blocks will cost RM60k (if done by the condo management).

LS Ang company is an authorized Astro dealer and they will have the set-top box ready for the user and all the account details to be updated with Astro.

During this contract period, residents are not allowed to install any personnel satellite disc and antenna structure outside condo building. No other party/contractor is allowed to temper with the Astro B-yond infrastructure installed at Danau Murni Condo.

What does the third party provide?

Fiber optic installation from roof top to the electrical room for each floor. Also a new dish at the roof top per block. The maintenance contract will allow them to service the respective house hold when one is facing problem. They will be the exclusive vendor for 4 years. This is their requirement for Astro B-yond installation.

How much is the third party being paid?

RM3,800 for 4 years maintenance contract.

Will it affect existing, normal Astro, users?

No impact for the normal user. They can continue using the normal Astro decoder without extra charges.