I think everybody is aware of this situation. Just look at these pictures and you can understand what I am trying to say here.

Domestic waste, construction debris and broken furniture (sofa, beds, mattress, door, shelf, table etc.) were dumped at our Refuse Chamber or Rumah Sampah. To make matter worst, the waste compacter machine broke down and finally kaput few months ago.

That’s why we have rows of black garbage bins lining near our Refuse Chamber and this has created unpleasant odour to nearby residents.

The Management tried to repair the waste compacter machine (the blue machine found inside Refuse Chamber) but finally the machine gave up its last breath and died. We ask someone to fix it and the cost is around RM6K.

The Management decided to scrap the old machine and use Refuse Chamber as our waste collection area.


Step 1: Dismantle the broken waste compacter machine and sell as scrap

Step 2: Put green wheelie bin inside Refuse Chamber together with unused black bins

Step 3: Garbage truck will pick our waste from these green wheelie bins

Step 4: Separate our waste into recyclables item and non-recyclables (food and organic waste)

Step 5: Try to reduce the amount of waste from our household