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PLUS urges the public to plan their balik kampung travel for Hari Raya based on its’ Travel Time Advisory (TTA) which is proven to have contributed to smoother traffic flow during peak periods in the past.

I would like to bring everyone attention to facility maintenance at Danau Murni for next week i.e. the forthcoming Raya Holiday which starts on 18 until 26 August 2012. For breakdown, water/electricity/utlility disruption, please call the respective person in table below.

  1. Management office will be closed and any activity will on call basis (the list on contact nos as per item 4) during 18 – 26 August 2012
  2. Management office will open during 22 – 24 August 2012 between 8.30am to 17.30pm. Mr Rajen will be around. No collection will be made during this period. We will only cater for normal operation and maintenance activities.
  3. As for the repair work for water tank, we will make sure our team, as per list below, to supervise and monitor the project closely.
  4. List of useful contacts number:



Company/Name/Tel No



Maintenance Department FFSB:

a.       Murugisu – 012-6573841

b.      Rajen – 010-2346621

c.       Murugan – 012-2957641


FFSB team will conduct random check at the facility and security either am or pm. They will be the main focal point during Raya Holiday.


Supervising Engineer Alpha Electrical:

a.       Param – 012-3985600

b.      Bala – 017-2515600


Alpha will assist and respond to any electrical related activities such as gen-set, switching etc.


Lift system Thanapal – 016-3398176  


Fire protection J.C. Wong – 012-3852911  

The Management has allocated 10 parking lots for visitors to Danau Murni at roof area on both parking block. Residents can fill in the Visitor Parking Request form at the Management Office starting from 1 July 2012.

Our current practice is to allow for three days parking usage subject to availability. Please display the Visitor Card at the vehicle dashboard. The management accept no responsibility for any damages to the vehicle while in Danau Murni Condominium.

Please liaise with our Management Office for details tel: 03-7987 7587 or fax: 03-7987 7806

Guard House: 03-7987 7332

The Management would like to announce that an exercise will be carried out during Hari Raya holidays (18-21 August 2012) to clean and repair our main water tank at ground floor, block B.

This is to clean the tank and allow for panel replacement to our deteriorating tank.

The Management try to minimise the impact to all resident by giving early notice and hope that everyone understand that every water tank need to be cleaned and repair sooner or later.

During this exercise, resident are advised to plan your holiday out of Danau Murni or stock enough water if decided to stay during this period. The Management also encourage each unit to stock water for usage after this exercise is completed. We may experience murky water for a few days.

Please take all necessary action to avoid any loss or discomfort to yourself and family.

Have a pleasant holiday and make sure you lock your door, switch off unused electrical equipment, turn off water tap/gas cylinder and finally close all windows before you leave for your long holiday.

Best regards,

The Management of Danau Murni Condominium

Note: Resident can call our guard at 03-7987 7332 during this period

This advert appeared on The Star, Wednesday, 25 Jul 2012

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