Danau Murni Joint Management Body already informed Sebiro Security Sdn Bhd that the effective date of using access card is 1 October 2011. Our first complaint is that guards kept on opening the barrier gate without any proper checking. Guards need to screen and register vehicle without sticker and access card before coming into our compound.

Problem coming from the above is unauthorised parking at our main compound. From our observation, guards failed to monitor and clamp these cars left at our main compound. Sometimes, blocking others to drop off or pick up passenger. Therefore, we imposed penalty of RM50.00 for each cars captured on our camera. We have captured eleven cars without any clamping devices.  This amount will be deducted from Sebiro Security payment for January 2012.

These are pictures from our record:

We still allow cars to drop off or pick up passenger for genuine reason. But sometimes, these bad apples really does not even care about the law. They continue to park indiscriminately.