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The first AGM was called on 3 March 2012 with only 11 registered strata title owners turned up. Due to not having enough quorum, this meeting was postponed to next week. Minutes can be accessed here:

Minutes of First AGM Management Corporation of Danau Murni Condominium (postponed)

Again, the AGM was held on 10 March 2012 with 7 registered strata title owners. This time the AGM was conducted with the available quorum. Following minutes can be accessed at this link:

Minutes of First AGM Management Corporation of Danau Murni Condominium

Both minutes were sent to The Federal Territories Director of Lands and Mines (PTGWPKL) and Commissioner of Building (COB), DBKL  for Certificate of Incorporation for Management Corporation of Danau Murni Condominium on 27 March 2012. We hope everything will be smooth and we can get the certificate the soonest.

Dear Owners of Danau Murni Condominium

The first AGM for Management Corporation of Danau Murni Condominium will be held on Saturday, 3 March 2012 at 9:30 am (letter from Faber Union Sdn Bhd dated 14 February 2012). Just as the management prepares, so must owners prepare for the AGM. Consider the following steps:

  • Watch out for AGM notices posted on the notice board and this website.
  • Read the meeting notice, agenda and any information sent with the meeting notice.
  • Prepare your comments and questions.
  • Get ready to discuss resolutions and vote on resolutions.
  • Make sure that you are current with your service charges and any other money owed to the management.
  • Arrive early for the meeting for registration and plan to stay for the entire meeting so that your vote counts for all resolutions.
  • Consider becoming a council member with a view of helping our community.
  • Elect conscientious and honourable council members. Get to know their experience and background.

The success of a Management Corporation can only come from active participation from its members. Whether one participates in the meetings or volunteers to be a MC member, owners should know that major decisions are made at these meetings and should strive to attend each and every meeting called.  By not attending, decisions can be passed by a small minority that can adversely affect the majority of residents until it is challenged at the next AGM or EGM.

Did You Know This? 

S.41 – Duty of original proprietor to convene first Annual General Meeting (excerpts from Strata Title Act 1985)

(4) The original proprietor shall give a written notice of the first annual general meeting to all parcel proprietors constituting the management corporation not less than fourteen days before the meeting.

(5) The agenda for the first annual general meeting shall include the following matters:

(a) to decide whether to confirm, vary or extend insurances effected by the management corporation;

(b) to decide whether to confirm or vary any amounts determined as contributions to the management fund;

(ba) to determine the portion of contribution to the management fund to be paid into the special account to be maintained under section 46;

(c) to determine the number of members of the council and to elect the council where there are more than three proprietors; and

(d) to decide whether to amend, add to or repeal the by-laws in force immediately before the holding of the meeting.

(e) to present the audited accounts of the management corporation