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The Management and JMB have agreed that effective from 8 OCTOBER 2011, we will not accept any vehicle as visitor into our compound.

The decision was made due to abuse, illegal entry and cases of overstayed visitors to Danau Murni. We would like our guards to concentrate on monitoring the entrance and common area. In addition, we would like to highlight that we have plenty of free public parking space outside our condo.

The steel boom gate to both blocks will be locked at all time except for moving out / in activities which must be carried out within the specified timeframe.

  • Monday to Friday                       9.00 am – 5.00 pm Only
  • Saturday                                         9.00 am – 1.00 pm Only
  • Sunday & Public Holiday         No Moving Allowed

      * Any other time with strict written authorization from the Management

Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated and should contribute to a better living environment.


Waste Management at Our Condo

I think everybody is aware of this situation. Just look at these pictures and you can understand what I am trying to say here.

Domestic waste, construction debris and broken furniture (sofa, beds, mattress, door, shelf, table etc.) were dumped at our Refuse Chamber or Rumah Sampah. To make matter worst, the waste compacter machine broke down and finally kaput few months ago.

That’s why we have rows of black garbage bins lining near our Refuse Chamber and this has created unpleasant odour to nearby residents.

The Management tried to repair the waste compacter machine (the blue machine found inside Refuse Chamber) but finally the machine gave up its last breath and died. We ask someone to fix it and the cost is around RM6K.

The Management decided to scrap the old machine and use Refuse Chamber as our waste collection area.


Step 1: Dismantle the broken waste compacter machine and sell as scrap

Step 2: Put green wheelie bin inside Refuse Chamber together with unused black bins

Step 3: Garbage truck will pick our waste from these green wheelie bins

Step 4: Separate our waste into recyclables item and non-recyclables (food and organic waste)

Step 5: Try to reduce the amount of waste from our household

On Saturday morning (24 September 2011), the management have to cut down one of our palm tree near the swimming pool due to its condition. The bark was rotten and so skinny. This posed a dangerous condition to residents and we think it can fall down and hurt someone.

Below pictures showed that the tree was cut down and the area was cordoned off. The management will replace our palm tree to some other suitable tree.


Dengan segala hormatnya menjemput semua penduduk ke


Tarikh:                       Sabtu, 24 September 2011 / 26 Syawal 1432H

Masa:                         11.30 pg – 3.00 ptg

Tempat:                     Perkarangan Masjid Al-Muhsinin

Sebarang pertanyaan, hubungi: 013-4159 597 / 013-6714 932

Reminder to All Residents

Repair work has been carried out yesterday (15 September 2011) to our dilapidated gazebo near the swimming pool. Hopefully this will bring fresh look to our condo. The management will put signage to deter kids from using this gazebo as jumping platform to the swimming pool. This is dangerous and can damage the wood flooring.

Below pictures were taken this morning (23 September 2011). The contractor painted the flooring and their work is still in progress. As you can see part of our gazebo (in red circle) needs some minor repair. Hope they do their job well. Let us wait and see for them to finish.  

On the same day, the contractor managed to finish their work. Thank goodness. These pictures were taken at 6.15pm.


Effective from next month, cars without access card and valid sticker will be refused entry. Both access card and car sticker shall be strictly used by the residents and tenants. Current car sticker (2011) must be displayed on the vehicle windscreen when entering the premises. Automatic Barrier Gate with CCTV recording will be part of our new security system.

From 1 OCTOBER 2011 onwards, vehicles without access card and valid sticker will be refused entry.


Application forms for access card and car sticker will be available at the Management Office from

8 September 2011. Alternatively, download forms at this link:

car-sticker-access card DM

Before the Management issues any new access card and stickers, ALL outstanding payments must be settled. Failing to keep payment up to date, your access card will be blocked if all outstanding payments exceed two months.

Tenants: please remind your owner on this new security features. The Management has taken appropriate steps and give ample notice period to make sure this will be smooth transition for all resident and tenant in Danau Murni Condo.